LunchNet partners with BNI

BNILunchNet confirms its partnership with the Staffordshire Chapters of BNI and anticipates continued growth for both networks.

Asking for No Membership and promoting that ‘Networking Works’ makes LunchNet ideal to partner with BNI Staffordshire and its business members.

BNI members that attend a LunchNet meeting can expect:-

An average LunchNet attendance being over 30, allowing you to walk away from the event having: –

  • profiled you and your business to all of these attendees.
  • pockets full of diary appointments to follow up with 121 meetings.
  • generated new, innovative, ideas for your business.
  • kept an eye on what your competitors are offering.
  • experienced a professionally run, structured pure networking event that offers you an amazing ‘return on investment’.
  • enjoyed an excellent lunch and a confirmation that ‘Networking Works’ and it can be fun and un-intimidating.
  • invested in your business with the security, if you don’t like it, LunchNet will offer a full – money back guarantee!
  • no membership requests from LunchNet.

Professional and un-intimidating (ideal for those that are less confident with the more traditional forms of business networking meetings).

Can you afford not to attend?

LunchNet’s next events:-

Upcoming events:-