Make it happen for your Staffordshire business!

The best kept secret for generating long-term income for your Staffordshire business is to include networking into your Marketing Strategy – getting out and meeting people is the most effective way of generating new income for your business.

Smart business owners consistently add networking to their Marketing Strategy, to maintain and build business growth. Although, this goes against the grain of some ‘sales thirsty’ business owners, that dismiss networking thinking it’s too slow in generating new leads.

Whether you join a membership organisation meeting on a regular basis or, you deploy a broader, strategic approach, by selecting specific events to attend each month, networking events really work for your business.

Remember though, when you first go to an event, ‘networking and selling’ are like ‘oil and water’ they definitely don’t go together.

If you find yourself saying, ‘we can also do this and we can also do that’ then you’ve probably lost the attention of the person you’re talking to and, worst of all, they’ll only be thinking about how to get away from you as quickly as possible.

Networking is about building your brand, your rapport, smiling, making business friendships and being helpful.

With your goal, to establish those ‘Golden Goose’ relationships: building solid, long-term relationships that will consistently generate business referrals, month after month after month!

Your main objective after attending a networking meeting is to arrange those all-important follow up 1:2:1 meetings.

Take the monthly LunchNet Huddle events, attending delegates will: –

  • Meet, face to face, the majority of the attendees.
  • Leave with their pockets full of diary appointments, to follow up.
  • Generate new, innovative ideas for their business.
  • Keep an eye on what your competitors are offering.
  • Experience a professionally run, structured pure networking event that offers an amazing ‘return on investment’.26405469470-22283344-4
  • Enjoy an excellent lunch and a realisation that networking can be fun and unintimidating.

The next LunchNet Huddle Networking meetings is on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at the Michelin Athletics Club, more info here

Not only is the LunchNet Huddle innovative and fun, it’s also the most effective way of introducing you, to the majority of the delegates – in an hour!

The LunchNet Huddle is our ‘Pure Networking Event’; it’s dynamic, fast paced and offers a real return on investment – or your money back!

‘Pay as you Go’ networking, no membership needed to attend any LunchNet meeting.

Remember, smart business owners always include regular networking into their Marketing Strategy.