Director and CEO LunchNet

Director and CEO LunchNet.
A peer to peer visit programme and learning network for leaders to share ‘best practice’. Sharing ‘lessons learnt’ by leaders from all sectors; manufacturing to services; public to private sector; single owner Managing Directors to Directors / CEOs answerable to teams, boards and investors.

Each delegate hosts one meeting at their premises, sharing lessons they have learnt in leading their organisation, including networking and a buffet lunch.
No membership, just a one off payment to attend the meeting and then, register for more as your diary permits.

Please note, these meetings are for Directors and CEOs only.

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Typical examples of topics and discussions: –

  • Have we got the right senior managers in place to grow our business?
  • How resilient and flexible is our business – mitigating risks while maximising opportunities.
  • Property – buy, rent, maybe a vehicle for our pensions.
  • Are we geared for growth – finance for growth – example, changing the governance of your business to issue and sell shares to raise finance.
  • Dealing with loneliness – is our leadership team in tune with our plan and, can I measure and truly trust in my relationships with fellow directors?
  • Innovation – is it ‘do or die’ for my business?
  • Succession planning, exit strategies – keeping value while planning for the future.
  • At what point do we need additional, commercial help – Chairman, Ambassadors, Board / Non- Executive Directors?
  • Developing new products and services, should we go big or small?

Are you a Director or CEO and would you like to be involved? Maybe by attending the meetings or hosting a meeting at your premises?

Our aim is to build a network of 40 Directors / CEOs that host and share good practice – across all sectors.

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